New Blood roams the Djuma driving area in the form of two new male lions in the area

There is a new wave of lion politics evolving in the greater northern section of the Sabi Sands, with the appearance of two new up and coming male lions, making themselves known to the local prides. They first appeared around a month or so ago inside Djuma's northern territories coming out of Manyaleti, their origins a mystery.
Both are in the early prime of their lives and have already ventured as far south as Djuma's boundary with northern Mala Mala. Mapogo territory and dangerous ground for new up and comming male lions. The string of dead lions left in the Mapogo's wake on just about the enitre reserve, is a worrying reminder of the Mapogo's power and range.
The two new comers have already been ushered back north by the Mapogo's, two have been seen up in the area and have been heard most nights issuing audible warnings to the new comers to steer clear of their land.
The previous two boys who attempted a take over were last seen by myself, at Buffelshoek Dam, on the 19th of June this year.
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No one really knows what happend to them, one of the draw backs of being limited to the areas accessable to lions but not to us..........
Now with the new boys in the area and being very stand offish of the vehicles, with one of them being what I consider to be a true male lion, is highly aggrressive. A huge bonus to the area and he already has and will hopefully continue to be, a massive wake up call for alot of the guides in the area, as through him will come the lessons of how to treat a lion with the respect they deserve.
Here he is in all his glory we have only met once and I only managed to get a few shots of him, warning an in coming vehicle from another lodge, that he is not a cat to be messed with.
I just wish I could add the sound of his growl which we recieved on our approach to him, but managed to float through his comfort barrier with a tail flick, "I'll kill you in a second" look, and that unmistakle growl which seems to eminate from deeper within him than seems possible. An incredible sound.Image Title

The next shot is him about to charge the other car, but got his message across by sitting up and intensifying his growl, which the guide then got. He didn't seem to stay long in the sighting.
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With a cat with an attitude like he has and the fact that the Mapogo coallition are not always together, leaves me wondering whether these two may be the slow demise of the reign of the Mapogo's. I think his side kick might be the one to really be careful of, as he slinks off into cover and observes everything. I have no idea of his character, but have learnt to be weary of the one that slink off and watches. If not these two boys there has also been a sighting of a coalition 6 young males in the area recently, which I personlly have not had the privlegde of meeting, yet. They are all around the three and a half to four year old mark, so another couple of months and the lions world could turn on its head once again.
Could be the days of the Mapogo's lounging around in their kingdom, be running out??
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