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  • Vuyatela Accommodation Djuma Game Reserve

Vuyatela Lodge

Djuma’s flagship luxury lodge is quite simply one of the most breathtaking and refreshing safari destinations in South Africa. Located on a small rise overlooking a dry river bed and dam where an endless variety of wildlife comes to drink every day, Vuyaltela is wrapped in the wilderness and embodies the essence of what it is to be African.

Its name means “come and visit again” in the local Shangaan language, which is fitting because one visit will never be enough where Vuyatela is concerned.


Accommodating a total of 10 guests in five luxury suites, all with en-suite bathrooms, Vuyatela has redefined the meaning of an African safari, breaking the mould of “traditional” colonial-style d├ęcor by combining sleek modern design with innovative, funky African art and lots of vibrant colour.

A fusion of influences has created something very special, as shabby chic is effortlessly blended with vibrant township artwork and Pippa Moolman’s amazing mosaics, all combining to set Vuyatela apart from other luxury lodges and create a fresh vision of what it is to immerse yourself in Africa, putting the accent firmly on people, culture and tradition, as well as drawing inspiration from the surrounding bush.

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