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monitor3 rj gilson

Xivindzi meets a monitor

Hi everyone! It was quite unexpected when we finally found Xivindzi on afternoon drive on the 14th! Karula had picked them up from where Marc had seen Xivindzi the day before and took them to a small bushbuck she had killed sometime in the afternoon on the Eastern side of Philamon’s cutline. The area was […]

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xivindzi 13 oct sara

Meet Xivindzi and Xivambalana

 Xivindzi on AM safari 13 Oct  Hi everyone! It is great to be back! What a great start to the drives this cycle with a visit from 5 gentle bull elephants and Xivindzi. Now 11 months old, she really has the look of her mother and a personality to match! Xivindzi 13 Oct A few people said […]

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All the spots this week!

Hi everyone, Is it just me or do you sometimes feel there are just not enough hours in the day?! Not only have we spent some quality time with Xivindzi, as well as the leopard family, but we even had a sighting of the rare wild hunting dogs!! Albeit briefly, but we had the pack […]

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Floppy ear invites herself to breakfast!

Hi everyone! What a brilliant way to spend the weekend, among our favourite spotted families! We have been so privileged to watch Teddy, the hyena cub, drinking from his/her mother and having the 6 other cubs come and check us out so closely. From what I have seen, the youngest out of the 6 we saw at […]

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Karula’s family tree in pictures

Hi everyone! If you are interested in following our elegant female leopard Karula and her family this is the right place! This special lady allows us to watch her as her life unfolds before our eyes during the live broadcasts from Djuma Game Reserve. If you haven’t yet joined us take a peek by clicking on the […]

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