History & Philosophy

Cheetah Djuma Game ReserveDjuma Private Game Reserve was originally established as a private property in the 1970s, comprising two properties of almost 2000 hectares in total and traversing rights over an additional 5000 hectares. Jurie Moolman inherited the land from his father and set about laying the founding stones of what would become Djuma Private Game Reserve, in 1993. Working side by side, Jurie and his wife Philippa built the Djuma legacy on personal passion and a love for both the land and the surrounding community.

Djuma’s philosophy has always been to conserve the land so that future generations can enjoy the pristine glory of the African bushveld. To make this a reality, we see responsible commercialisation as the key to preserving this natural wonder.

Responsible commercialisation is not only essential for the maintenance of Djuma Game Reserve, but the job creation associated with the commercial process allows neighbouring communities to have a stake in these lands. This provides a direct incentive for local communities to help conserve their environment.

Djuma strives to provide an unforgettable and magical experience for its guests. By creating an atmosphere of warm hospitality, we’re able to bring our guests as close as possible to the sights and sounds of the undisturbed African landscape. We’d like you to leave Djuma with magical memories of a personal experience with the bush as well as added knowledge of South African culture and customs.