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Paul Ashleigh

The return of the pachyderms!

How we found Xivindzi on 6th Nov Hi everyone! After the amazing sightings of the leopards, they still seem keen to share more time with us! On the 6th Nov, it was a quiet morning but as we drove down mvubu road I happened to glimpse Karula’s little princess sitting like one on a termite […]

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pat 3

A leap of leopards!

Wow wow wow! Did I say Wow already?! Hi everyone! What an incredible sighting we had on the 2nd Nov! Father, son of 3 years old and cubs of 1 year old together! Floppy ear nursing her cubs Drive started slowly due to it being so cold. I was completely wrapped up in bennie, scarf, […]

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Screen shot 2011-10-31 at 12.41.00 AM Diane

The excitement continues!

Karula taking cover from the buffalo Hi everyone! What an unbelievable couple of drives! Yesterday afternoon brought us Xivindzi looking exhausted from chasing squirrels and the humidity, she was breathing heavy as she rested a while on Zoe’s road by the hyena den. I am more convinced Karula had picked them up on the way […]

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Diane 29 oct

Practice makes perfect!

Hi everyone! Despite the fantastic thunder storms and rain which ceased play for the morning drives over the last few day,  we have still had a wonderful time with our spotted felines as they have been practicing their hunting skills! Just as Xivambalana was found sitting on the side of Aulbury’s road by Marc and […]

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Times are a changing!

Hi everyone, Just a quick note on the changing of drive times. As we approach summer the drive times change to coincide with the cooler periods of the day, when animals are more likely to be moving around. Thankfully the loose connection that was found and fixed on the Ganda seems to have resolved the […]

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Karula's cubs Bernice.

Family reunions

Hi everyone, Once again we have had some wonderful interactions this week! We have been fascinated by the hyena clan and a few mysteries there have been solved! Teddy! We have only really seen Teddy’s mum over the last few visits with the other 2 mothers being very scarce! I was convinced floppy ear was mum to […]

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Shirley final

Who Dung It? Scores!

Shirley’s design Hi everyone, It is always a thrill to see an animal, bird or insect while out on drive, but sometimes to find them you have to track them. Knowing the tracks and signs of an animal is an ancient skill which was and still is practiced by many cultures from across the world, from the […]

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ID Xivambalana side pattern comparison

Mixo vs Xivambalana!

Karula Hi everyone! What an exciting couple of days we have had with the drives! WE first heard the brilliant news about Mixo, Karula’s son, being around the lodge on Sunday morning 16 Oct from the guides. With him being nearly 3 years old, he left home to explore further afield about 6 months ago […]

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monitor3 rj gilson

Xivindzi meets a monitor

Hi everyone! It was quite unexpected when we finally found Xivindzi on afternoon drive on the 14th! Karula had picked them up from where Marc had seen Xivindzi the day before and took them to a small bushbuck she had killed sometime in the afternoon on the Eastern side of Philamon’s cutline. The area was […]

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Live drive checklist challenge!

Hi everyone! I hope you are going to join us on a ranger’s race with a difference! Instead of trying to find as many mammals as possible on one drive for you to id, we thought we would do it over a number of drives.  Here are the rules we have put together for the […]

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