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Sightings of our female leopard, Karula, her cubs (who were born mid November 2010) and other family members. blogs also include Karula’s family tree and how to id each leopard we might see during our daily live internet drives.

The dogs have been visiting!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pass on the wonderful news about the wild dogs that were seen on the 4th! I ended up staying in the sands for one night at another lodge and was able to jump aboard the morning drive! One of the main animals everyone wanted to see was giraffe and […]

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Fair well but not goodbye

  Hi everyone!  I finally managed to get out on drive a couple of days ago and yesterday and was hoping to have some pictures of the queen herself, but sadly she is playing hide and seek! Karula and the kids were seen down by room 8 yesterday by the staff, but by the time […]

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Djuma- 1 month on!

Djuma – a month on! One of the baby impala for the open area! Happy New Year everyone!! I can’t believe I have been back in South Africa only a couple of days, it feels like I have been away for so long and yet it feels it hasn’t been a day since I left! […]

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Grandfather protects cubs?

  All boys together, fantastic collage of the rouge male, Mufufunyane and Xivambalana! HI everyone! I am still amazed at what transpired on the afternoon drive of the 10th! After a false start in the morning, the team became full on technicians to resolve the issue which prevented us going on drive. With the help of […]

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Paul Ashleigh

The return of the pachyderms!

How we found Xivindzi on 6th Nov Hi everyone! After the amazing sightings of the leopards, they still seem keen to share more time with us! On the 6th Nov, it was a quiet morning but as we drove down mvubu road I happened to glimpse Karula’s little princess sitting like one on a termite […]

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pat 3

A leap of leopards!

Wow wow wow! Did I say Wow already?! Hi everyone! What an incredible sighting we had on the 2nd Nov! Father, son of 3 years old and cubs of 1 year old together! Floppy ear nursing her cubs Drive started slowly due to it being so cold. I was completely wrapped up in bennie, scarf, […]

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Screen shot 2011-10-31 at 12.41.00 AM Diane

The excitement continues!

Karula taking cover from the buffalo Hi everyone! What an unbelievable couple of drives! Yesterday afternoon brought us Xivindzi looking exhausted from chasing squirrels and the humidity, she was breathing heavy as she rested a while on Zoe’s road by the hyena den. I am more convinced Karula had picked them up on the way […]

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Diane 29 oct

Practice makes perfect!

Hi everyone! Despite the fantastic thunder storms and rain which ceased play for the morning drives over the last few day,  we have still had a wonderful time with our spotted felines as they have been practicing their hunting skills! Just as Xivambalana was found sitting on the side of Aulbury’s road by Marc and […]

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