If you could take, beauty, wisdom and aptitude, give it a face and present it to the world, once all the facets of these categories have been weighed and analyzed, then surely this is the most suitable face.

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The elephant and man have not had an amiable history, for many reasons. For one I believe we as species have an incredible similarity to one another, especially when it comes to immediate family, there is virtually no difference between us in this aspect of our lives, if we could just take the time to be aware of this fact.
We can both be incredibly gentle on the one hand but incredibly violent and volatile on the other. Both species have been involved in kidnapping. A behavior normally thought of as a primate trait.
But foremost is their intelligence, which has never ceased to amaze me over the years. As opposed to us humans who just love playing clever but are seldom smart.
Elephant that live in Angola’s Cuando Cubango province, sharing a border with South Western Zambia and the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, have shown the ability to detect mines and know to avoid them. Historically they have had limbs blown to bits thanks to the senseless action of mankind, yet again. Their numbers were decimated in these areas during the mid s70’s to the early 80’s. Rhino horn and ivory used as currency to fund the war and sickeningly an operation set up and run buy the old SADF.

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There is now evidence that the elephant have learnt somehow to associate the danger of the landmine and will avoid them. There has not been a record of an elephant / landmine injury in these areas for the last three years learning to travel along safe routes, which has been noted buy the locals, who use these same paths, created by the elephant. This has lead to conflict between the elephant and the locals.
Let’s not forget the elephants have done them the favor of safe passage, you would think some one would have thought about that……. Wouldn’t you?

They are the one animal intelligent enough to wage war on us humans and have been doing just that in certain areas of Asia, where conflict over food is rife between a dwindling elephant population and a continually exploding human populace. At least they are revered as a god in this part of the world, and the convenient use of weapons, takes a bit of a back seat.
Lets hope that all goes well in Angola and that once again elephants will regain the use of their ancestral pathways, as they more than any human deserve back their dignity with which they reflect in their ancient body’s and movement.