We have known they have been mating going on five days now. Maybe he has just had enough?

To most of the female leopards here he must seem like a ghost on occasions, there but not really.
As soon as we arrived on the scene, with a beggarís portion of evening light left, there he was in all his majesty doing what he does best in these situations, trying his utmost to ignore the sultry little lady parading before him.
After what almost amounted to begging on her part he finally gave in to her spell and mounted her, but it was clear it was just to get the action over so he could get on with the more pressing matters of his life, like hunting and marking territory.
It was only after he had moved off and she followed onto more open ground that I saw she had a gash on her rump, not sure how she got that, maybe she pushed him too far, which I doubt as he has been through far more demanding woman, than this little honey.
We followed them for a while after but it was clear from Mvulaís body language that Thandiís few days of passion was over, but this didnít seem to be her thinking.
It is a warm feeling to entertain the thought of more leopard cubs being on the planet. If they were people we would be making plans to house and make room for them.
If each person who loved leopard put a small amount of money aside imagine the potential of new leopard real estateÖ..