Now and then we help out on game drives for the local teachers and kids. This time it was the teachers turn.

Like in December when Greg and Abel took out kids from the rural villages, we gave the teacher in January 2010 a chance to go on a drive.

We met up with them at the main gate (Gowrie Gate). Graham, Aubrey and me just for moral support. There were 15 teachers from Dixie and Utah that joined us on a drive. We greeted everyone and started our safari. Graham on the way picked some grass and started to make his famous bracelets with the grass. The ladies were so surprised that he knew how to make it.

We only left the gate late after game drive time has started. But amazingly we saw big 5. Can you believe it! First it started of slowly. But when the bush got alive it was alive. Aubrey from Galago found a breeding herd of Elephants and we both followed until we couldnít any more. From there we drove around and found Buffaloís at Gowrie dam.
Handry called us in to say he found Rhino. So why not, we went to the Rhinos. Moments later Handry called in he found lions. Aubrey and Graham went to the lions and found that they were mating. Sat there for a while and everyone was so amazed that they could not believe they are seeing a honeymoon couple (lions). From there we drove to see if we canít find leopard. On Cheetah Cut line we get called to tell us they found a leopard. We went and saw Kurula.

After we spent some time with her it was starting to get dark and we started with the night drive. Not really much seen but it was great. We stopped at the gate and dropped them all off where they left there cars.

What was amazing was that Albert whom organised this with Charmian, not knowing that Rhandzu whom is our therapists daughter. I really didnít know that it her dad. We chatted after the drive and found out that he taught Handry and Amos and lots of the staff that works at Djuma.

Here are a few photos;

Aubrey leaving us behind at Lion sighting Teachers learning from Graham Teachers