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Posted by: amlux
Hello guys! Thank you for your really interesting work.
I want say you 'bout trouble at this title post. When you turn on camera on lake (or river) i'm hearing crackling noise coming from the microphone. Formerly was a pure sound of nature. I hope you repair a microphone in the near future.
Category: General
Posted by: kim82
Another month has gone by at Bush Lodge guests coming and going and game viewing out there been absolutly amazing. So all in all a fun filled month.

I have to say that the highlight of the month was one evening coming down to dinner and standing in the dinning room which over looks the dam and seen a Bush buck kill about 30m away. We sat and waited to see if the killer would return, then as the sun started to set and the stars started to appear we sat in absolute silence waiting. Moments later we heard the cracking of bones and when we shone the spot light there Whitecloth (female Leopard) was with her cub, who no-one has seen in sometime, feeding away. Not to bothered with us been only a few meters away she carried on feeding and every so often heading for the dam to quench her thurst.

How do you get guests to sit for dinner when you are sharing your dinning room with 2 Magnificant Leopards?

The next morning she had moved the kill to a tree right next to room 1, one of our guest suites which were occupied with guests at the time and continued feeding for a day or so longer. Giving us great sightings even from our office.

Now you decide to close for comfort or absolutly Awsome?