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A great stay at Galago!

Dear Jurie,

I want to thank you and your staff for an exciting, wonderful experience at Galago with Gavin and our group. Aubrey and William were simply fantastic. .FYI, none of the other camps we visited had trackers and guides at the some level, I sensed a big difference and know that we missed more than a few sightings at other places. Starting out on our first (my first ever) game drive with the big 5 probably spoiled me forever, as I realize now, just how special that was. The early morning and evening times were made special as Elizabeth and her crew (Mildred and Thembi) started us off with a made to order Breakfast and then served great “home” cooked, delicious, meals at the end of long, event filled days. Trust me, there was no problem going to sleep in those really comfortable beds in the luxurious cabins.

One lingering moment was the “Baby Charge” by a very young, rambunctious elephant which caused “Papa” and his harem to become very agitated at us. Kids, even in the animal kingdom, can cause trouble. After all the dirt throwing, foot stomping, ear flapping, blustering, etc, the “roar” of the almighty diesel reigned superior and calm, sanity and resignation returned to its rightful place in the order of things.

One last thing, I wanted to thank William for getting up early and going back to our last stop of the evening before our departure to look for my glasses which fell out of my pocket during the last phase our last drive. Again, Thank you for one of the best, most enjoyable times of my life.


TR Jones

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