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A letter from the Fletchers: Vuyatela

Dear Jurie.
Once again thank you for upgrading us to Vuyatela, we had an amazing time, and I think the wildlife that we saw will stay in my families hearts and minds for a long time. I am so thrilled to have seen the wild dogs and my sister in law tells everyone that she can about them. They have become her very favourite animal as well.  We had an incredible thing happen with the pride of 5 male lions, three of them were drinking in the dam near Khaya Manzi and a crocodile started swimming towards them under water. We could follow the progress by the wake left by its tail.  When it was about a foot away it surfaced, the three of them leapt back as one, hissing like a domestic cats. They were very disturbed by it all. I did not realise that lions hissed.
Lucy is an amazing cook, she created fabulous meals seemingly out of nothing at all, and we loved hearing about how she got into cooking.  I would love to transport her to Joberg for 2 weeks to give me some tips for my cooking!!!!!!!
Lotz and Ephrahim were also superb, I think that the Ephrahim enjoyed telling us about the trees and shrubs for a change instead of racing around looking for the Big 5.
We would love to come back next year sometime in September and this time take both camps and bring up some of our good friends to celebrate our 70 th birthdays, you must not tempt me with a return visit so soon in November/December!!!!!!!
Kind regards

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