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Save a rhino – bid for a hand painted t-shirt!

Hi everyone,

Sebastien is working hard on trying to finish the video of the live drive crew, that is Sebastien, Marc and myself, painting 8 t-shirts, which are being auctioned off to raise money to help save rhinos. Once the video is done, it along with the fireside chat we had on rhino day, Sept 22, will be loaded onto YouTube, Facebook and on the Safari channel on between drives.

Where does the money go? 

The crew are paying for the t-shirts, so ALL the money raised will go to a charity that is trying to stop rhinos being killed for their horns. If you are one of the 8 who win a t-shirt, you can put forward your rhino charity of choice. The crew will then pick which one of the 8 suggestions to send the money to.


The auction is open now and will end on Sunday 25th at 18h00 CAT. The lucky 8 buyers will then be announced on the Sunday PM drive after the closing of the bids.

You can either bid on facebook OR via e-mail.

Facebook: Look for the T-shirts for rhino day album on the public pages for the crew, or on Djuma Private Game Reserve page. Place your bid under the t-shirt you would like to bid on.

E-mail: If you would like to remain anonymous or don’t have or want access to facebook, please e-mail bids to [email protected] and we will place a bid on your behalf. Please put in the subject line of your e-mail “BID”. Your e-mail needs to include the name of the t-shirt you are bidding for and your amount. Please also state which name we should add with the bid or if you wish to remain anonymous.


The lodge will contact the 8 buyers on how they would like to pay for the t-shirt either bank transfer or credit card.

The t-shirts :

Name : Sassie BLACK     Size: Large    Who : Seb, Marc, Tara and Sassie the puppy!

(Please note spray paint was used by the left sleeve, but with a little help it was salvaged and even Sassie added her paw print to it!)

 Name: Seb RED    Size: Large     Who : Seb

Note: The only t-shirt with something on the front and back. The picture on the left is the front, on the right is the back.

Name : Tara WHITE    Size: Small    Who: Tara

Name: Marc GREY          Size: XL                Who: Marc

Name: Marc WHITE         Size: XL           Who: Marc

Name: Seb GREY    Size: Small    Who: Seb

Name:  Tara BLACK     Size: Medium     Who: Tara

Name: CREW RED     Size: Medium     Who: Sebastien, Marc and Tara

I will post a daily blog on the highest bids for the t-shirt and it will be mentioned on drive too!

Rhinos by Dia

This painting has been added to auction off by Dia. The auction is open to US residents only due to shipping restrictions. The size is 12×16 on canvas. If you would like to place a bid please quote “Dia Painting” in the e-mail. Thank you to Dia for donating this stunning painting to help raise money for the rhinos!

The bids so far are as follows:

Sassie Black: C$ 100,

Seb red: C$ 150

Tara White: $150

Marc Grey : $500

Tara Black : C$88

Seb Grey: $100

Marc White : $300

Crew Red: $185

Thank you for all your support and help in raising awareness about the plight of the rhino.

Tara, Marc and Seb.

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3 Responses to Save a rhino – bid for a hand painted t-shirt!

  1. Djuma September 24, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    The bids today are as follows:
    Sassie Black: C$100,
    Seb red: C$150
    Tara white: $125
    Marc Grey: $500
    Tara Black C$100
    Seb Grey: $100
    Marc White: $300
    Crew red: $185.

    Thank you so much for all the bids, the auction is still open until Sunday 25th at 18h00 CAT!

    • Djuma September 25, 2011 at 5:34 am #

      The bids today are as follows:
      Sassie Black: £75 = $115.5, Seb red: C$150, Tara White: $125, Marc Grey: $560, Tara black: C$100 = $97, Seb Grey: $100, Marc white: $300, Crew red: $200, Dia painting: $100

  2. Djuma September 25, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    Sassie Black:$130 , Seb red: C$150, Tara White: $1,000, Marc Grey: $650, Tara black: C$100 = $103, Seb Grey: $150, Marc white: $350, Crew red: $200, Dia painting: $250

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