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Rhino donations – We made front page!

Hi everyone,

Great news, we made front page on the local paper Kruger to Canyon, here is the link to the story written by Dianne which was released yesterday! If you missed the fire side chat here is a link to the You Tube, thanks once again to muttluver for recording this and making it possible for others to watch! It was extremely interesting to talk to Phillip from Qumic who works for the Antipoaching Unit for Sabi sands and Arrie from the rhino orphanage. 

For those who have been asking how to send further donations here are the details:

For Sabi sands Anti poaching Unit, there are two ways you can donate:

The website set up by Lindsey Hanekon for the Rhinos. This method is recommended for international viewers as there are no bank transfer fees and if you live in teh UK they get gift aid on top of the donation.

Or The direct bank details are as follows:

Ulusaba T/A Pride and Purpose

First National Bank

Randburg commercial branch 254005

Cheque account no:  62187747012

Address: Cnr Main Avenue and Republic Road, Randburg, 2125

Swift code:  FIRNZAJJ


For the rhino orphanage the details are as follows:

Von der Hoven Attorneys Trust

Nedbank Mokopane

Acc. 1468 100 645

Branch 146 805

Ref: H1466

This is a temporary trust fund while they are processing the orphanage as a charity with it’s own trust fund. As you will hear in the video, the orphanage is in it’s early stages but progress is moving swiftly to complete it.

We also invited 2 members of the press to join us for the chat and to see what we do here. Dianne, who also joined us for the drive the following morning, will be writing a piece for the local paper, Kruger to Canyon. We felt it might give the local community a boost to know there are people across the world who care about what is happening to the rhino here in South Africa. Dianne has also become a Djuma Djunkie and is keen to join Ganda as often as she can! Her partner Joel is the African consultant for a Major Dutch Newspaper and is also keen to write a story about the live drives, which might help to boost numbers!

I have also been asked about the possibility of buying the “save the rhino” bracelets. I am looking into whether it is possible to do so and will give more details once I hear back from a possible source.

If anyone would like a copy of the certificates to hand out, or put up in classrooms, shops etc please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Thank  you so much for caring  about these magnificent creatures!

Written by Tara

I have since been sent the Rhino calf’s Prayer by Yolande Van Der Merwe that Arrie discussed at the end of the chat, here it is for you to read:


Oh Lord, I pray for mercy
I won’t survive on my own.
Where do I go, where do I hide,
I’m confused and scared and alone.

I still hear the gunshots ringing Lord
a burning pain real and true,
but I have to keep on running
or for sure they’ll hack my horn too.

O Lord, I pray for reason,
please help me come to score,
why the humans that I’ve trusted
have started this bloodthirsty War.

They came and murdered my mother, Lord
their chainsaws dripping with red.
They left her alive and helpless
until to her death, she bled.

How many more like me Lord,
before we vanish from this Earth?
How many more mutilated bodies
and little calves lost before birth?

Oh Lord, I pray for forgiveness
towards those who do the Unjust.
Those who’ve taken my family
and left them bleeding in the dust.

Oh Lord, I pray there’s still people
guardian angels from above,
who’ll take a little calf and heal its wounds,
and protect it with all their Love.

Lord, I cannot run anymore,
I’m small, my strength fading fast,
my legs are numb, my breath is done
I hear my heart beat its last.

Oh Lord, I pray for mercy,
have compassion for my strife.
Please hurry Lord, send me an angel,
a human who’ll save my life.


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  1. dorothy phillips November 13, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    What can one say after such a mournful plea? Such a deep feeling for these creatures with such a plight – and it spills over in so many other areas. Thank you for updates and information. We pray with and for them.

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