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Karula’s family tree – Her son Induna- part one

Hi everyone,
I will release the last part of Karula but I thought in light of today finding Induna with an impala kill on Gowrie cutline, I think it is time to show the spot light on Induna!  Induna, meaning chief, is the son of Karula, born in mid Nov 2008 with litter mate Mixo. The pair were Karula’s second litter and she would have been just 4 and half years old. She had been seen mating with Yambilu-Jordaan and through his numerous appearances with the family it is widely accepted he is their father. This will make him and Mixo full brothers to Xivindzi and Xivambalana.
What is remarkable is the fact he is still here! He is 3 years old and still utilising his mother’s territory, while she has cubs. He has even met his younger sister Xivindzi nose to nose and shared a couple of meals with his father! Mean while his independent brother, Mixo, seems to have left us behind and continued his journey into adulthood somewhere else in the sands. The latest report was he has made it to the Southern part of the Sands!
I must admit I a very happy at least Induna has stayed around a bit longer, as I am sure many of you are! It is great to see how he is progressing and the fact we have seen family interactions like this is incredible!
To identify this charismatic boy I usually use the following marks which are very distinctive. Firstly the pattern between his eyes is very distinctive, most people say they see a face, others see something else but it is distinctive what ever you see it as!

Looking on his right side, there is a very neat semi-circle of spots over his eye. This I have noticed, he shares with his dad Yambilu-Jordaan, who also has this spot pattern above his right eye! Induna also has a triangle that points towards the corner of his right eye and lies just at the end of the semi-circle of spots.


On his left side the arrow points to his beauty spot, another triangle but much larger than the one on his right side. Some call it bat wings! You can also see a line from this to the corner of his eye which is almost vertical. His brother Mixo has a “Y” at the corner of his eyes as does his younger brother Xivambalana.


Sadly Induna lost the tip to his tail. We believe it was due to a hyena, possibly even floppy ear when he was younger. Last year the tip became exposed and but thankfully it healed and he seems no worse for wear. In fact if you see his tail now, you would have to look closely to see it is slightly smaller than other leopard tails!

Thank you everyone for sending in pictures of this beautiful boy, I will be going into a bit more of his character in the next Blog about him!Written by Tara

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