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Fire Side Chat on Friday 4th

Not taken at Sabi sands

Hi everyone!

The total amount raised to help the rhinos is an amazing R30,000! We feel so thrilled such an amount has been raised and want to shout about it to help raise awareness about the plight of these magnificent creatures as much as possible!

The fireside chat on Friday 4th is the focus point where both organisations will be joining us to chat about what they do and it will also give those who wanted to donate more information about them and how to go about donating to them. We are also inviting the media to come and cover the story at the same time in the hope it help to get the word out there that something needs to be done now to save these animals.

We thought the money would be best split between 2 organisations, one being an anti poaching team on the ground who will help to protect the rhinos. The other R15,000 will be given to a facility who can look after the orphans of mothers who didn’t escape the poacher’s bullet, but who are too young to look after themselves.¬†The 10 people who bought the t-shirts and paintings were asked to choose ¬†between 2 anti poaching units and 2 orphan facilities.

Not taken at Sabi sands

The anti poaching team chosen was the Sabi sands team as they are helping to protect the rhinos we see on the drives. The money will used to buy more equipment to help them to detect poachers and to help protect their team when they face the poachers.

The first ever rhino orphanage is the other organisation chosen. They are building a facility which has a restricted access, a vet on site and is being endorsed by Karen Trendler and San Parks to name a few.

I hope you can join us at 19.30 CAT on Friday 4th Nov for our special fireside chat.

Written by Tara





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