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Karula’s family tree – Her son Induna – part 2

Induna after a successful hunt by the lodge. Hi everyone, As the end draws closer I think it is only right to finish what I started and that was Karula’s family tree. The last blog looked at Induna and how to identify him, in this one we have a look at his personality! He was […]




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Great friends and awesome memories!

Xivambalana 22 Nov Hi everyone, With a couple of days left, we are still seeing some awesome sights and making memories which I am sure we will continue to do right up to the last. Xivambalana came to visit camp again so everyone was treated to a tour of WildEarth camp along the way on […]




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Karula’s family tree – Her son Induna- part one

Hi everyone, I will release the last part of Karula but I thought in light of today finding Induna with an impala kill on Gowrie cutline, I think it is time to show the spot light on Induna!  Induna, meaning chief, is the son of Karula, born in mid Nov 2008 with litter mate Mixo. The […]




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A leap of leopards!

Wow wow wow! Did I say Wow already?! Hi everyone! What an incredible sighting we had on the 2nd Nov! Father, son of 3 years old and cubs of 1 year old together! Floppy ear nursing her cubs Drive started slowly due to it being so cold. I was completely wrapped up in bennie, scarf, […]




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The excitement continues!

Karula taking cover from the buffalo Hi everyone! What an unbelievable couple of drives! Yesterday afternoon brought us Xivindzi looking exhausted from chasing squirrels and the humidity, she was breathing heavy as she rested a while on Zoe’s road by the hyena den. I am more convinced Karula had picked them up on the way […]




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Karula’s family tree in pictures

Hi everyone! If you are interested in following our elegant female leopard Karula and her family this is the right place! This special lady allows us to watch her as her life unfolds before our eyes during the live broadcasts from Djuma Game Reserve. If you haven’t yet joined us take a peek by clicking on the […]




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