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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for all the pictures and video clips you have sent in. Again it has been a very hard decision as to which ones to use! I would like to share more with you, so Karula’s Blog is going to be in 3 parts! This Blog is to introduce her and give some background to her, the second how to ID her and the third focusing on what a brilliant mother she has been so far! I think these pictures sum her up as the Queen of Djuma, giving us that typical Karula look, knowing she is more than just an average leopard, which I think you will agree; she is!

 Karula was born March 15 2004. She was one of two cubs in that litter, born to Safari and thought to be sired by Mafufunyane. Sadly her sister Tshemba was killed in 2006, possibly by lions or another leopard.

When I first met her I was shocked at the size of her, she is tiny! Maybe weighs in around 35-40kg. But as the saying goes, great things come in small packages and I couldn’t agree more!

This clip is a great collage of pictures and video taken by Andreas Nienhaus during his visit to Djuma of Karula avoiding a lion, showing her agility and great survival sense. One of the reasons I think, she has been so successful!

It is thought she has one surviving sibling from the litter born December 2005, a male called Matimba. Also thought to be sired by Mufufunyane, making him a full brother to Karula. He has not been seen around here possibly since he and Karula had a fight in 2008, where their mother Safari intervened. He could have a territory elsewhere in the Sabi sands and now be known under a different name.

With a short gap between the two litters being born, this shows how capable a hunter Karula must have become at a young age. During drives we have been amazed at the lengths she will go to for a successful hunt. Watching her stalk, waiting for the perfect opportunity, showing the patience and skill of an accomplished hunter. WE have even sat holding our breath, on the edge of our seats, as she wrestled with an impala, which must have out weighed her, trying the cache it in a 4.5m high tree. Nearly killing herself in the process, she wasn’t deterred, she simply regained her footing, took hold of the meat once more and heaved it up the vertical trunk to it’s final resting place!

Most of her territory falls in our live broadcast 1000ha traversing area, with part of Buffleshoek in the North and Little Gowrie in the South. This has ensured her being a WildEarth (WE) regular, filmed for most of her life. She has already given us insight in to the extraordinary lives of leopards in general from the harsh reality of hunting and mating to the more tender moments shared between mother and cub. More than this though WE have had such a unique opportunity to really get to know this special leopard on a personal level. Understanding her particular looks and moods, knowing her favourite haunts, den sites, even partners, teaching methods and food preferences.

She has touched the hearts of many across the world and in doing so she has helped to bring so many people together. Truly, one very special Cat and one WE all enjoy sharing!

Video clip posted by Pat, of Karula and Pieter Pretorius explaining why she is special.

I can never wait to see her again and share the next chapter of her life!

Written by Tara

First published Jan 29 2011

With Thanks to Karen and Colleen’s information from





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Karula’s family tree in pictures Sat, 17 Sep 2011 08:43:59 +0000

Hi everyone!

If you are interested in following our elegant female leopard Karula and her family this is the right place! This special lady allows us to watch her as her life unfolds before our eyes during the live broadcasts from Djuma Game Reserve. If you haven’t yet joined us take a peek by clicking on the played on our front page and see what exciting events take place here in the African bush.  Any time we find Karula or her family the news will be posted here. Pictures are often sent in by viewers of the live broadcasts to help illustrate what this incredible family gets up to!

I thought the best place to start would be her family tree. Thanks to 3 people who took up the challenge, we have 3 brilliant illustrated family trees. Each one has something slightly different to show and together I hope they help to understand how they relate to each other!

The picture of Safari, Karula and Matimba was from Fay a little while ago and I was hoping to be able to use it at some stage! It shows Karula’s mother and Matimba who was born in Dec 2005 making him Karula’s younger brother!

We have had 3 people take up the Karula’s family tree challenge and with a brilliant outcome too!


Anat’s family tree after the cubs were named!

Anat’s helps to show the uncertainty of the actual father regarding Tandi and Shadow. It could be either male. I understand there was a mating seen by guides of Mufufunyane with Karula when she was very young which could have resulted in the first litter but there is some uncertainty. The way he has interacted with them does lean towards him being the father.


Stacy’s helps to show who of the family are male and female and John’s includes the order the litters were born in as well as all the family’s birth years.


Thank you once again to John, Stacy and Anat for putting these wonderful family trees together for everyone to enjoy!

The original date this blog was released was 5 Sept and we were still waiting for the little male cub to be named, since then he has been named Xivambalana. Look out for the following Blogs about the individuals who are part of Karula’s family and how to identify them!



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