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Hi everyone,

Just a quick note on the changing of drive times. As we approach summer the drive times change to coincide with the cooler periods of the day, when animals are more likely to be moving around.

Thankfully the loose connection that was found and fixed on the Ganda seems to have resolved the problem of drives ending earlier than planned, so the drives should be back to the normal 3 hours!

This change will occur from the morning drive of the 26 October and the times are as follows:

Morning drive will be from 05h30 until 08h30.

Afternoon drive will be from 16h00 until 19h00.

With the drive overlapping dusk we may have chance to see nocturnal creatures like porcupines, bushbabies or even an aardvark!


In case you missed the fantastic traditional dancing we had the privileged of joining at the lodge last night, here is the link to the YouTube video, thanks to Muttluver!

Written by Tara


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