Your Djuma Experience

The African Savanna is our ancestral home and a visit to this magnificent continent is a must. This is the dark and mysterious continent, where man has had the least impact and still shares his environment with all manner of legendary animals.
What follows is a short description of a typical day in paradise:
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Shortly before sunrise you are awakened with steaming coffee and rusks. As the sun rises - a magical time of the day - we set off on our early morning game drive.
The animals that can be seen include the 'Big Five'.

These legendary animals -The 'Big Five' - Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant, so-called because of their ferocity when hunted. In a thankfully by-gone era of big game hunters, intrepid travellers endured many a hardship to visit Africa.

During the next three hours or so we will track and find some of the amazing animals that are to be found at Djuma Game Reserve. Soon you will be enjoying the early morning fresh air with one of the 'Big Five'. A close encounter with one of these magnificent beasts is an experience of a lifetime. Your guide is qualified (FGASA levels 2 or 3), and has an extensive knowledge of the savanna and its inhabitants.

After the exciting morning drive we sit down for a hearty breakfast. The mid morning activities include a bush walk and / or a cultural drive to the local village. During the bush walk your guide will show some of the smaller things such as animal tracks, the diverse array of insects, or even a chameleon waiting in ambush of an insect meal.

And of course the birds - there are more than 200 species - are magnificent and the morning walk will introduce you to many of the species.

Your guide also has an extensive knowledge of the culinary and medicinal uses of the various plants.

The cultural drive visits the local communities of Utha and Dixie and guests are shown how the local indigenous people live, a way of life that has changed little since time immemorial. From meeting the headman to visiting the schools, guests leave with a sense of wonder at how different our lives are. Guests are also deeply touched by exuberant spirit of these community-minded people.

By lunchtime we are all are ravenous and tired. You will enjoy a quiet lunch and afterwards relax in the lush gardens or around the pool, or even partake in bit of siesta. The pool at Bush Lodge is immediately adjacent to a mud wallow and it is not unusual to have an elephant having a mud bath whilst you wallow in the cool pool water! The private pools at each of the Vuyatela Kayas allow guests to enjoy their own view of the African bush.

By late afternoon we all assemble again for some tea and cakes and set off for the evening game drive. The game drive stops for a 'sundowner' drink overlooking the magnificent African sunset.

The climax of this game drive is at night when a spotlight is used to find some of the more elusive nocturnal animals such as the awesome Leopard or the cute bushbaby.


At the end the night drive a warm, crackling fire and a sumptuous meal awaits at the lodge. To sit around a blazing fire under the endless African night sky - the brilliant Milky Way intense in the unpolluted skies - is to evoke ancient memories of our ancestors who evolved in this magnificent African Savanna all those millennia ago.



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