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Fair well but not goodbye

  Hi everyone!  I finally managed to get out on drive a couple of days ago and yesterday and was hoping to have some pictures of the queen herself, but sadly she is playing hide and seek! Karula and the kids were seen down by room 8 yesterday by the staff, but by the time […]




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Djuma- 1 month on!

Djuma – a month on! One of the baby impala for the open area! Happy New Year everyone!! I can’t believe I have been back in South Africa only a couple of days, it feels like I have been away for so long and yet it feels it hasn’t been a day since I left! […]




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Stacy’s poem

Thank you Stacy for such a heart felt poem, a few people requested to have it put on a blog so those not on facebook can also read it. Thank you to everyone for such touching comments, dedications, videos and gifts.  For those celebrating Thank’s giving today, I hope you have  a great day and […]




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Karula’s family tree – Her son Induna – part 2

Induna after a successful hunt by the lodge. Hi everyone, As the end draws closer I think it is only right to finish what I started and that was Karula’s family tree. The last blog looked at Induna and how to identify him, in this one we have a look at his personality! He was […]




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Great friends and awesome memories!

Xivambalana 22 Nov Hi everyone, With a couple of days left, we are still seeing some awesome sights and making memories which I am sure we will continue to do right up to the last. Xivambalana came to visit camp again so everyone was treated to a tour of WildEarth camp along the way on […]




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Tipjar for Marc, Tara and Sebastien.

Several of you have asked for the possibility to tip Marc, Tara and Seb as we say goodbye to them later in the week, so we’ve decided to reopen the tip jar that was used earlier in August. The full amount of any tips given will be split between Marc, Tara and Seb as a […]




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Karula’s family tree – Her son Induna- part one

Hi everyone, I will release the last part of Karula but I thought in light of today finding Induna with an impala kill on Gowrie cutline, I think it is time to show the spot light on Induna!  Induna, meaning chief, is the son of Karula, born in mid Nov 2008 with litter mate Mixo. The […]




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Details for the rhino donations- We made front page!

Hi everyone, Thank you for joining us last night for the fireside chat, it was extremely interesting to talk to Phillip from Qumic who works for the Antipoaching Unit for Sabi sands and Arrie from the rhino orphanage. If you missed the chat here is a link to the You Tube, thanks once again to muttluver for […]




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Rhino donations – We made front page!

Hi everyone, Great news, we made front page on the local paper Kruger to Canyon, here is the link to the story written by Dianne which was released yesterday! If you missed the fire side chat here is a link to the You Tube, thanks once again to muttluver for recording this and making it possible […]




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Grandfather protects cubs?

  All boys together, fantastic collage of the rouge male, Mufufunyane and Xivambalana! HI everyone! I am still amazed at what transpired on the afternoon drive of the 10th! After a false start in the morning, the team became full on technicians to resolve the issue which prevented us going on drive. With the help of […]




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