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Help | Updating your Profile

You can update or edit your profile directly from the weblog or from the “Admin” panel. In both cases, you need to be logged in.

Directly from the Weblog
Click on the "Profile | Your Member Name" link in the navigation panel or on your member name [A] in any of the articles or comments you have added to the weblog. This will take you to your “Profile Page”. If you are logged in, you will see an “Edit your Member Profile” button at the top of the page. Click on this button and you will be redirected to a page where you can edit or change your details.

Member Name

Edit Profile
The “Edit Profile” page is divided into a number of categories:
Personal, Contact, Bio, Interests, Password and Close.
You can access each of these categories by clicking on the category in the menu [B]. Change your details in the selected category and click "Submit" [C]. If you want to save changes you have made to a category, it is important that you click "Submit" [C] BEFORE you select another category. If you don’t, your changes will be lost! When you are finished, click “Close” or “Return to Member Profile” and you should see your updated profile.

Updating your Profile

From the Admin panel
Click on the “Admin” link in the “Navigation” panel to access your admin area. In the left hand “Quick Menu”, click on “Profile”. If you change or add new details to your profile in the “Edit Member” section of your profile, click the “Change Settings” button to save your changes. If you change details in the “Extended Profile”, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

Adding your Profile Picture
It is possible to add a profile picture to your profile. The picture may not be larger than 64 pixels x 64 pixels. Once you have chosen an image on your computer, crop the image to 64 x 64 px or smaller in your favorite image editor (photoshop, Windows Photo Gallery, Image Manager etc.) and save it on your hard drive in a place where you will find it again. Go back to the “Edit Profile” page and click the “Browse” button [D] next to the “Profile Image” field. Find your edited profile picture on your hard drive in the pop-up window and click “Open”. The window will close and you should now see the path to your image in the “Profile Image” field. Click the submit button and your image will be uploaded to the server. Your profile picture will be visible to anyone who views your profile on the weblog.

There are three different “Privacy Levels” [E] you may choose from (All Users, Members Only & Friends Only). No matter which setting you choose, your email address will NEVER be visible to members and non-members of the weblog.
All Users Setting
Non-members will be able to see your whole profile, except your email address. They will also be able to send you a message from your profile, but will have to pass a security check first.
Members will be able to see your whole profile, except your email address, but will be able to send you a message from your profile.
Members Only Setting
Non-members will only be able to see your User name, Website Address & Notes. All other details are hidden. They can send you a message from your profile if they pass the security check.
Members are able to see your whole profile except your email address, but can send you a message from your profile.
Friends Only Setting
The “Friends Only” function has been disabled on this site. If you select “Friends Only” the privacy level will be the same as the “Members Only” setting. Non-members will only see your User name, Website and Notes, while members will see your whole profile, except your email address.

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