Yesterday afternoon I and my guests decided to head on back to the area we had left the grumpy boy and the lioness from the Huma Pride

After carefully driving around the area where we had left them we managed to find the pair once more, thankfully I managed to spot them from a good distance away and began the delicate art of approaching them without provoking a charge.
The male, when spotted was standing up but had positioned himself near a thicket from where he monitored our approach with intense interest.

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He once again began to issue warning growls in our direction, sounding like a volcano about to erupt.
We managed after, some time to get a clearer view of him, making use of any available natural barriers to keep his violence at bay, He allowed us to carefully and sensitively, manoeuvre into a position he and I were both relatively comfortable with. He did not for one second take his intense stare off our approach and once again I had reminded my guests to keep any noise or movement on the vehicle down to a minimum, and if they felt the urge to move to do so with incredibly slow actions.
His growling, now a constant reminder, of the immanent threat of his explosive aggression, boiling just beneath the surface, we got ourselves into apposition we were mutually happy with and settled down to enjoy being in his awesome presence.

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Upon realizing we were no longer a threat to him and his woman and giving us one final growl and penetrating stare, he began to shift his attention to his lady companion and moved over to initiate his sexual advances. This in itself is not usually the case as females are usually the ones who initiate the mating, indicating she was not entirely happy with the liaison and will often mate with new and unfamiliar males, more as an act of appeasement towards them. Judging from her reaction towards him, she had a yawn as if to say,” right, get it over with big boy”.

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She rolled onto her belly and allowed him to follow through with his intensions.
Interestingly enough once copulation had taken place she immediately rolled over on her back, a form of behavior normally indicating she was mating to conceive and an action which helps with conception. As lionesses will, sometimes go through the motions just to get this cat off her back, so to speak. This interested me a great deal, as occasionally females will allow a male to mate with her but not roll on her back, indicating that she wants out of the situation as quick as possible and is not content to be trapped as a sex slave for the next five to seven days. One the act was over; he immediately marked the nearest bush with his scent, lay down and once again focused his intense gaze upon us, followed by more vocal displeasure with our presence. Once he had subsided into silence we decided it was time for us to make a discreet exit from his world, managing to do so without too much fuss, barring the evil eye.

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They were found once again in the vicinity of where they have been for the past three days but no mating was observed by the guys who decided to pay them a visit.

We may head over there again later today as his side kick had finally discovered the carcass of a sub adult buffalo found two days ago not far from their location.
Hopefully this is the rebirth of a new improved Huma pride, with these two new boys soon to be the proud fathers of a new generation of lion on our driving area.