I last saw her on the 10th of August last year

This morning turned out to be an amazing dive. We headed straight for the Kruger Park boundary, upon hearing there was a dead young buffalo, not far off from one of the privately owned camps on our traversing area. Since we have not had any lions on our traversing area for the last four days, I was hoping that this feast going begging would draw in some lions for us.
As we neared our destination we were greeted with a pleasant surprise of the two new males from Manyaleti and a lioness lying out in the middle of clearing nearby the privately owned camp.
I recognized the two grumpy boys immediately and warned my guests that they had to be very wary of their movements on the vehicle as any sudden movement could trigger an extremely aggressive response from either of these two males.
We began a tense negotiation with the two boys, who allowed us to get into a fairly decent position to view them from. After much tail flicking and deep seated growls, we settled on a comfortable distance we were both happy with.
After watching the boys very closely for signs of aggression and after their vocal warnings had subsided, I began to have a closer look at the lioness. I was absolutely amazed to see it was one of the ladies from the Huma pride who I last saw about a year ago. When she was last seen, she was an absolutely pitiful sight with every bone in her body visible and a very bad limp in her front left leg.
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I must admit that I didnít rate her chances of making it to be very good, but have seen lioness dwindle to such a terrible state before and still make a miraculous comeback to regain condition. Most of the guides had told their guests she would die, but all be it a small chance I did hold out a small bit of hope that she would survive. But, after such a long period of not seeing her with the pride, had wondered whether she had in fact made it or not.
But to my absolute amazement here she was looking as glorious as ever; she still carried a fairly bad limp, but not nearly as bad as she had been.
One of the big boys was doing his best to mate with her but she was having none of it, swatting at him with her paws accompanied with lots of growling and teeth bearing threats.
The bigger of the two males was at least a gentleman regarding the situation and did not push the issue too much with her.
This is great news and will hopefully be the start of the Huma pride reclaiming their turf back, after the huge loss of nine members of their pride at the hands of the Mapogo males. The surviving cubs are now around three years old and it is around the time when the young males are going to be forced out of the area, thrust into a time of hardship which all young males go through.
I look forwards to seeing how she gets on and hopefully she will hook up with the rest of the pride. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me so did not get any shots of her but hopefully will when we go and check up on them this afternoon.
It is just good to have her back.