I just want to add the following: several of our accusers, and now in media reports, claim that we have been watching this elephant suffering for weeks. This is just not true. The first time the elephant cow was noticed to be in distress was on the afternoon of 21 September Ė do remember that all of this is recorded and archived (accessible to all on the internet). Some of the regular audience then looked back in the archive noticed that there was an elephant cow on the 3rd of September that was rocking and crossing her legs, it was then thought that she was experiencing discomfort, possibly because she was due to give birth. It is only after the 21st of September that it was thought that the previously recorded cow was the same as the one being filmed then. At first all were hoping to witness an elephant birth. When this did not happen by a few days later, i.e. towards the end of last week, it became apparent the she was either not giving birth and suffering from something else, or that the birth process had gone wrong. That means that by Monday the 28th, when all and sundry started their accusations, it was for but a weekend that we had known she was in true distress, rather than merely experiencing a long birth.