Glad to announce the arrival of new killers

Roughly two months ago, I was over the moon with the return of the Djuma Clan back onto home turf. Shortly after their arrival back to one of their mounds on our area and one they havenít used for many years, we were pleased to notice the brief appearance of a tiny black face, which duly disappeared as rapidly as it had appeared.
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Owing to the fact that a lot of my guests share an interest in photography, there has been ample opportunity for me to return to the den to check on the progress of the babes. The first cub we saw was probably only around 3 weeks old and was reasonable for us to assume at that time, that there may have been two cubs and not the one. We chose not to stay to long at the den as the unsettled behavior of the cub rubbed off slightly on the mother, so we left as the cub was probably trying to suckle. We were probably the little oneís first encounter with a game drive vehicle, which gave the little thing a bit of a shock, seeing this massive, strange looking green thing settled in close proximity to her front door. I say her as hyena usually gives birth to a litter of two cubs, more commonly one male and one female. The female cubs are always larger and more dominant over their male siblings. The one time we boys have to take a back seat.
Over the visits to the den we have since discovered that, she was an only child. If a hyena has two boys or two girls in the same litter, the first born will kill its sibling, just one of the fascinating aspects of hyena behavior.
Two days ago we were back visiting the den, ecstatic to learn that a second female has also had two cubs, one boy one girl, with the size difference distinctly visible.
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Being a young mom I am presuming it is her first litter. The new cubs look to be only a few weeks younger than the singleton, but their presence has had a dramatic calming effect on the first arrival. The pack instinct taking hold at an early age, giving them the confidence to walk a little way from the den to inspect the big green noisy things that come to visit them.
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The new mom showing all the patience in the world with her new darlings, an endearing trait hyena mothers have. I am looking forwards to spending many special moments getting acquainted with the new members of the clan. It always something special watches them grow and develop their character within the clan and always a time which passes so quickly. Impala beware there are new killers on the block.
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