Once again Mvula proves himself as a non performer

Here we go again. Two nights ago, his little lady friend decided to give him another chance of him being the father of her first litter and once again he fails to impress. The pair of them were found coming out of the Kruger Park back into our traversing area. She must have thought she would give him some time to think her over, after all "absence makes the heart grow fonder", she was probably hoping desire would be the case.
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After a short drink at the pan near Kudu Corner and an even shorter lay down, the pair of them began moving east along a firebreak, with him triggering the proceedings. She would aproach him with a low growl and exggerated tail, swishing, swaggering hips, half walk half crouch. Parading in front of him.
Expectedly he would put on the same irritated growl and hiss, often lying down as if trying to escape this onslaught, from this rampant female.
She would use these opportunities to up the antics and would agian crouch in an appropiate postion, for him to take full advantage of. But alas, all was once again in vain. I almost want to say, he simply doesn't have the balls. He seems to react to her like a little boy who has just had his favourit toy snatched form him. Thankfully this is the case, as he could simply be pushed too far and turn on her, wherein she would stand a chance against this, shall we say soft killer.Image Title
I had learned that she had been more forceful this time round and had been on his case for the past three or four days. I have been off the road since her last effort and was quite amazed that she had ventured back to him. Maybe the other boys in town are otherwise occupied, who knows.
We continued to follow them as I have one of my return guest and this being our 9th safari together was pleased I had this interesting situation to show her. Once again I explained the past situation with these two and needless to say he didn't dissapoint me.
She seemed to be slightly less persistent this time round and I can't blame her, I think I would have given up after the first day, after a second chance, naturally.
We had some great views of the proceedings as many of her attempts took place on very open ground, which was greatly appreciated, as my guest is an avid photographer and has never seen mating leopards. Unfortunatley I mentioned that this may be the closest she will come, at least this time round.
He kept up his dog headed, "no sex before marriage" attitude and kept up with his audible disgust and fang bearing stratergy.
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We left them to the night after an hour or so, with this poor little lady in hot pursuit. There were a few times when you could almost read her mind from the expression on her face.
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We have spent the past two and a half days searching for them but have come up empty handed.
Just like her, we are both left unfulfilled. I wish I could tell her that he is not the only stud on the block and there are boys out there who would willingly know what to do. At least this tme round Greg is on leave so there was no controlling him.