Weather: Beautiful weather that proved summer to its fullest. The trees and plants is still getting to there fullest potential. Hot temperatures are still dominating day time and evenings and it constantly led to thunderstorms, lightening and of course rain.

Lodge Sighting: Gowrie dam is upgraded with a spotlight that shines around the dam. At some stage we had about 5 Hyenas and Hippo chasing each other during dinner at Gowrie dam. We wondered what the fight was about and it was concluded that Hyenas went in the water just to cool themselves down, but obviously they did not ask.
At another episode we had a troop of monkeys showing some aggressive manners to Nyala`s, It sounded like it was planned attack, as they were all into it. We never thought Monkey would attack by biting and smacking their fellow beneficiary, as they for all time together. The Nyala`s helped themselves by running away.
At some stage we had Safari TV team joining us for dinner, as they walked in we had Kurhula walking on the dam wall and later she made her way to the lodge where she vanished in the thicket behind the Front of House accommodation.

Guests Highlights: In one morning drive Handry had a breathtaking drive with his guests, The Schalekamp and Kirkland (travelling together) He was looking for lions that disappeared for days, and in due course he came across two male Waterbucks warfare at Khayamanzi Dam. According to the guests experience there was blood all over the place, and one Male which was bleeding lost the fight and decided to leap into the water. And later during the afternoon drive Handry and the Guests went check what happened to the “bloody bleeding” Waterbuck, and fortunately he was found alive with wounds that had dried blood on them, he was confirmed recovered days later.
Goods news about Kurhula! She was once seen by Lex Hes (Galago Camp) with one new cub that was carefully hidden in the thicket. We still can`t confirm the number of cubs due to the safety of the cubs. They said to be 3 weeks old. Our Safari team together with Safari TV is keeping an eye on her and the cubs and absolutely not to picture the cubs to predators. You can Log on to our weblogs for latest updates on cubs.

Anniversary: The Djuma Family has celebrated together with the below mention couples and of course we wishing them happiness on their andovours of life. John & Catherine Kasper`s 10 wedding anniversary (USA), Clinton & Philippa Scott 4th wedding (RSA), Bharat & Ankita Jaisinghani 1st wedding anniversary (India).
Honeymoon: We also want to wish the following couples long life in happiness together. Stephan & Julie Filettaz(Switzerland), Tracey & Stephan Moskovitz(USA), Sebastian & Jaclyn Prim(RSA), Jon & Joanne Tullock(UK), Kendra & Andrew Pavkovic(USA), Erin & Gregory Carroll(Australia)Markus & Sandra Kabinger(Austria),

Return: Jacqui & Paul Fox from the UK returned for 7 nights at Vuyatela and we can`t wait to welcome them back next year.

Birthdays: Gail Schalekamp celebrated her 40th birthday with her friends Kirkland family and the Vuyatela team. We would like to wish her many years to come.
From the Vuyatela Family, we would like to wish all a happy festive season with your families, till next month.