Not to long ago they were seen together, looking very much like brothers who had missed each others company.

This meeting was very different. We got there to find them showing all the signs of suppressed explosive anger. Kafue, being the intimidator, pushing and growling at his brother and vigorously rubbing his face against any available foliage, his anger desperate to revert to fury, with each instant his brothers form filled his vision.
Luangwa got the message and chose to increase the distance between them, a rather wise move on his part.
I have known deep down this day would come and often entertained the prospect of Kafue having a greater potential for aggression could he possibly have all those stolen moments of affection his brother had with their mother instead of him, stored away in his mind somewhere, ready to combust at any moment? Who knows?
Kafue pushed his advantage hesitantly though and even though they are even in size and weight Kafue has fire in him, but to get physical is always a last resort and a wise last resort to and shut the critical space once more, escalating the intensity of the encounter and he knew it.
Once his brother became aware of this fact he had no other choice but to turn, lie down and face him. The situation was mainly a mind game with the intensity of a war. By that stage of the game the point had been made and there seemed to be nothing more to be gained from the stand off.
We chose to remain with Kafue as he was naturally the more relaxed of the two and there was no point in adding to the stress already created for his brother, at this point they separated. The gloves are now off and a fascinating interlude to observe, just one new mental corridor has come to light in the mind of these two young men, which they now know they do not want to deliberately repeat. There are far bigger threats out there for them to handle.