It has been a dry wait for the rains which finally came towards the end of November.

The first half of October has belonged to the leopard, with fairly regular sightings of at least one of Karulaís boys. Close to the beginning of the month we were treated to seeing the boys together again as brothers, it only lasted for a bout an hours or so, but were one of the highlights. Karula their mom, has been a bit of a mystery of late and has only been seen sporadically around the property but at least she has graced us with her presence from time to time. I suppose pregnancy will do that to her, a lot has changed in her core area since her last litter. She was seen chasing one of her boys near Leadwood rd, the boys better tread carefully around her from now on.
At elast toward the middle of the month Karula was beginning t be seen back in her usual haunts with more frequency, which is not surprising as this area has helped her rear two successful litters before.
Mvula has been making his rounds around the eastern areas, hopefully he would have, have done his job of becoming a dad for Nkanyini again.
Then the good times hit when we were fortunate enough to see wild dogs 21 one of them there simply is nothing more exciting when dogs are on the property the potential for any thing to happen at any moment increases exponentially. Usually we are lucky to have them stay around for a drive or two let alone a day or two but they were around for a good 4 days.
Owing to the habitat it has been perfect conditions for predators and was good to see what is left of the Khuma pride moving around in their old haunts once more and whacking buffalo at the same time, their mothers taught them well, even mingling with the Styx pride, the book on lions need to be re written every three years, there is so much we still donít know. There have been good sightings of buffalo and rhino around the area and elephant mainly bulls as well. There are 3 new cheetah on the property as there has been a mom with three babes seen during the month with occasional viewing of the four males who patrol the KNP boundary.
In November Karula one of her boys, Mvula and Thandi were all seen with varying frequency. Mvula seemed to be doing a lot of patrolling of his turf. The Kuhumas were still seen covering more of their area to the east, it would be great if they manage to take back their old territory so long as Machingilaans stay south its not impossible. The dogs put in some more appearances for those who were lucky enough to be staying here at the time and is great to have such a large pack roaming the area again. The great news from later in the month is that it is official that Karula has two babes which is great news. The hyenas have also seemed to set up shop back on the property over the last while and have seen their fair share of turmoil in the process having a big scrap with the dogs at one stage. The eles have been a little scarce but that is to be expected once the rains finally came and kicked this place into life again. The baby impalas are appearing rapidly and the wildebeest starting to move back onto quarantine near Vuyatela.
The buffalo herds to have been on the move with the main sightings of buffalo restricted to old bulls or bachelor groups roaming the area. The rhinos have still been haning around and have been a few babies seen around as well. The most unusual one for the pasast few months was probably an ostrich which we do on the very rare occasion find mainly up on the Mayaleti or Kruger boundary.
All in all an action packed past couple of months. So when are you coming to visit?