It is one of the intense times to be in the bush, when every life form is teetering on the edge waiting for the moisture to fall from the sky..

Once that liquid miracle arrives the race to have sex is on. While out just after some heavy rains though the night I was out early the next morning bathed in steamy gold light. There is so much more vibrancy to the colours after the brown layer of dust has been washed off everything.
While looking at the greens of new shoots on the edges of twigs a breeze wafted my ankle, looking down only to see an African Giant Snail cruising past at breakneck speed.
Once I noticed I began to see more and ended up with six in the immediate vicinity, I donít think I have ever seen so many of them together in one place before. The reasons for this slick gathering was obvious as there were two busy going hard at making the next generation of baby snails. This explained why the first one I saw was in such a hurry as there was an opportunity to be taken just ahead of him, just a few more leaves and twigs to go.
The Lek
Now snail sex can be quite kinky dealing in shooting darts into each other and stuff. So I didnít hang a round long enough to delve into that side of events, but if they are the boy this time after a lengthy respite they can be the girl next time just depends on who gets their arrow out the quickest, I would imagine. With my original friend striding forth up the ever increasing slope after the quarry, I left them to it, just not sure who was Arthur and who was Martha.
The Chase
Either or the main thing is the rains have returned and life can kick back into high gear no matter how fast or slow you are, personally I think the snails have got the slow bit right.