Thanks to the foresight of Warren, Vuyatelaís GM, who hooked up with the lowvelds snake man, Rick Budai and got him to come out to the lodge loaded with some beautiful species of indigenous and non indigenous species, venomous and non venomous alike.

The guests were finishing up with their breakfast unaware they were foraging in the midst of some of our landís most venomous creatures.
Warren announced that there would be some reptilian form of entertainment taking place in the boma should anyone want to partake. It was not long before the boma was full of intrigued faces. Rick kicked off proceedings with the snake that is responsible for the most bites recorded annually in the country, namely the Puff Adder.
It was clear that most of our staff was more comfortable to watch, with as many barriers between them and the snakes as they could find but not all as will be seen a little later.
Naturally some of the guests began with horrified faces being in such close proximity to the dreaded creatures with an undeserving reputation. Rick did an incredible job of dispelling all the myths and legends why people automatically clutch at the negatives of these magnificent animals, demonstrating that all fear is founded by misunderstanding and ignorance, proving his point by handling a green mamba and Southern Africaís most venomous specie the boom slang, using his knowledge as his only form of protection.
Rick+Green Mamaba Rick+Boom Slang
It was not long before Rick had turned horror into fascination and brought out Victoria, a reticulated python, a young and beautiful young lady. Being non venomous he concluded by offering the guest a chance to get up close and personal with Victoria, it was not long before he had a few takers all of which were from the fairer sex, and not one male was willing to risk their masculine reputation by handling her.
Educated Guest Educated guest 1
For me the highlight of the whole talk which was brilliantly carried out by Rick was when Joyce Nyathi, stepped forwards much to the absolute horror of the rest of the staff, to hold Victoria, at first I thought she was doing it as a joke but she too took hold of Victoria and spent a few moments holding Victoria over her shoulders.
Joycey and Victoria
I think this even took Rick by surprise as most tribes have an innate fear of these reptiles. I think all snakes have just become indebted to Warren and Rick for bringing these amazing creatures into the light of fascination and out of the darkness of fear.