Weather:-August came in the midst of so much weather changes, It herded all different kinds of species to the fine-looking spring. Wind and leaves flying together was a normal sign to warn the brawzers.

Southeasterly wind brought unfilled clouds, none of us were surprised despite the fact that we were herded to spring. we look forward to summer and our hope is to have early rain to shape up and balance nature.
Lodge Sighting: We had a magnificent sighting around the lodge. Hippos are still enjoying around and joined by herds of elli`s almost everyday at Gowrie dam. Wide-ranging game is still roaming around, particularly Nyalas mixing up with guests all over around, we felt so full of activities every now and then. Feeding from our gardens has turn out to be a norm this time of the year.
An amazing action happened one evening just before dinner, Nkuhuma pride came and drink and later on they were chasing the bushes. Few seconds later we heard a buffalo calf screaming for its life. The mom could not leave without her calf, eventually she was trapped to death and it was quite emotional to see the pride feeding on the calf while still breathing.
One morning we had Kurhula`s young male(Nduna) killing in front of khaya:1. Mr Lesley Flavel(returning for the second time this year) was very unfortunate to see the action in front of his room as he missed it by 15 min after when he checked out. The young male killed an impala and other the shade of Jackal berry tree, kept the carcass till late afternoon. The Hyena`s got there in time and it was the wrong time for young male to take It up on the tree.
Returned Guests: We experienced huge number of returned guests, We really like to thank you all for coming back to Djuma and hope to welcome you back soon. Sue Spencer(USA), Mike Devivo(USA), Rita(USA) & Marli(USA) Shaw, Dieter, Lise & John Bertch(USA), Lesley Flavel and family(RSA), Michael Moss(USA), Mike Flowersand Donald, Adele & Bergen Delisi(USA).
Honeymooners: Samuel & Priya Rogers(UK), David & Kelly Lukrich, Frederick & Clemence Contrell(UK). We really wish you a happy life together and prosperous 2010.