We began by waiting on a herd of elephants slowly heading towards the dam in front of the camp.

Our attention drifted to the Grey Heron hunting on the shoreline, whose sights were set on deeper water, for hunting. It was not long before the heron displayed some very un-heron like behavior and was soon paddling along like a duck. This is only the third time I have seen this type of behavior.
We soon became bewitched by this bird and its antics and it was not long before the heron swam back to the shore and settled on a bull hippo amongst the raft. Not liking company other than that of his own kind the disgruntled hippo was not about to be used as a hunting platform by any bird and headed for deeper water. We bore witness to some classic hippo surfing at this time; personally I scored the ride as an 8.
Only when his plan was sinking fast did the heron abandon ship, only to bank and take a bearing on the nearest available platform in the raft, which was the back of a youngster near its mom. This mother was having none of it and sent the heron airborne once again.
The bull seemed annoyed by this tenacious birds ambitions of hunting from the back of a hippo and proceeded to be the only occasion I have seen a hippo give a threat display to a bird, displaying his massive mouth and nasty looking teeth.
To our amazement the heron took another turn to find a hippo landing pad. The bull had in the meantime vanished beneath the water surface. The man had plan and put it into effect with impressive results and perfect execution. The bull exploded from the water as the heron was making his final approach, which was very nearly his last flight, as the hippo narrowly missed the heron in his lunge at this pesky feathered being.
The heron seemed to finally get the message that he was not welcome and returned to fishing duck style, which ultimately proved to be a more productive and far safer means of catching frogs, for within 2 minutes of using this method the heron had made a kill. Yet another bonus for my guests, as it is seldom one sees the entire stalk chase and catch.
In the end the ele’s didn’t arrive and we had to go and visit them.