It was tough looking into those eyes knowing what he had done to her.

Johnny from Cheetah Plains lodge gave us the heads up regarding a mating pair of leopards to the south of their lodge.
I had not had the privilege of meeting these two leopards, who had moved up into our area from the south. Both were perfectly positioned up on a large termeteria, giving us a spectacular view of them. The female who is known ad the Campbellís Koppie female, didnít wait to long before her hormones kicked her body into action, moving over to flirtatiously slide her body along the brut of a male she was being tended by.
It was not long before they mated, the act demonstrating his immense size and power, compared to her slight frame. It was at his time I realized who this cat was, non other than White cloths killer. White Cloth was not much taller than this lady but of slightly more thickset in build.
Emsagwenís head is huge compared to the femaleís head, as can be seen in the next shot. The only good thing I could take away from seeing him is that she would not have suffered for long and owing to her age would probably have been the better way to go, rather than endure the lingering suffering the bush sometimes bestows on its carnivorous inhabitants.
At least he was working at putting back another wild spirit to replace the one he had viciously snuffed out.