Loads of Stuff on the go

Over the past couple of months we had loads of breeding herds of ele’s moving all over the property, which is always a great treat, as more often than not it is mainly bulls we bump into around the place. The one great aspect of having all these breeding herds is that where the ladies go, the boys will be sure to follow and if one of the girls has handed out her phone number, it produces a following of impressive bulls. Having regular encounters with them and their babies at waterhole is often some of the most rewarding times and has melted the hearts of many of our guests who have been lucky enough to have encountered them at a water hole. It helps a lot when the water holes hold up well against the lengthy periods with no rain, and there being limited supplies of water in the areas parallel to us in the KNP, is a huge draw card for these impressive pachyderms. The Kruger ladies should always get heaps of respect from the guys as some of them do not like vehicles getting too near them.
The last two months have also been very productive with herds of buffalo’ roaming the property and have been a constant and common feature on the majority of our guests wildlife encounters. With the breeding herds of buffalo also come the odd sightings of Yellow-Billed Oxepeckers which are not a common sight in the area and are still threatened specie. When the herds move off as they occasionally have, there have been a back up group of around twenty old buffalo bulls who come and sleep at the waters edge, of the dam in front of camp during the day, just yesterday they were sharing the shoreline loungers with the raft of hippo who have been frequenting the dam as well.
Rhino’s have been seen frequently around the property, which is great considering the amount rhino poaching has increased over the past few years. It is high time we the public start putting pressure on the government to weed those out who are involved in this sick business, which unfortunately has links high up the chain of command. The old South African Defense force was the last great instigator of the last out break of rhino and elephant poaching.
The lions have been seen around the place in fragmented groups as the lion population is still reeling from the ripple effects of the Machingilane coalitions take over. They have killed and eaten one of the Styx pride lioness. They seem to be getting to grips with their newly won territory and its female inhabitants. I have not heard any news of them killing any other females which is good news. We have had very sporadic sightings of two of the Huma pride females up on the northern boundary with Manyaleti. I have heard that the other girls have cubs up in the north somewhere. The large pride of eleven with the collared lioness seemed to have moved off our area and last I heard headed into the Kruger Park.
The fragmented pride called 2+1, have been seen on the odd occasion here and the, mainly in the northern sections of our driving area, and seem to be bouncing between Manyaleti, our area and the Kruger Park. I think it is going to take a while before things settle down to any sort of normality for the lions. But will no doubt be an interesting process, which we will keep you up dated with.
The leopards seem to be reshuffling with the death of the White Cloth female. Her killer has been seen moving into our southern driving are we share with Cheetah Plains Lodge. The same area has produced another female leopard that has begun moving into the southern area.