Our guests which arrived late, after we had all returned to camp after the drive, had missed out on a leopard, buffalo, elephant and lion sighting, which we had found over a three and a half to four hour period.

Shortly before we were all going to settle down at the dinner table, a herd of elephant came wondering past the deck we were all gathered on for our meal. A great start for the new arrivals. Dinner got into full swing with the mellow sounds a bush, wine and enthusiastic exchanges of the days sightings. We then got news via the night watch that the pride of 5 lions we had seen on the evening drive were now approaching camp and it was not long that while seated at the table on the deck we told all the guests to look just off the deck about 100 meters away and glowing in the headlights of a vehicle behind them they gave us a grand walk by and by now blowing the minds of the guests who had just arrived.
After we watched the lions stroll on by and get swallowed up by the night we went back to finishing off the scraps of our feast, the unmistakable bellow of lion on buffalo crashed through our conversations. With two spotlights from the night watchmen we all gathered in the bema, to watch the dance of death between predator and prey. The scene turned to horror when we noticed there was a young calf with the buffalo cow, and was targeted immediately buy one of the pride.
The pride was all that remained of the Human prides cubs now close to four years old. They managed to silence the mother buffalo in about half an hour but the calf had along and suffering ordeal before death was kind enough to claim its young life.
While we managed to summon two vehicles from the garage, a clan of hyena was gathering at pace on the outskirts of the proceeding drawn in by the calls of impending death, exploding periodically out of the calf who by now was being eaten alive.
The hyenaís presence was not tolerated for any length of time and was not long before one of the young males charged off at them being joined by his sister, sending their insufficient number scattering into the shadows. As if this wasnít enough to be totally jaw dropping to the later arrivals, a male leopard then pitched up on the scene, the sound of a young harmless meal being too much to resist. It was not long before he was noticed by one of the lionessís who took off after the leopard sending him heading at pace over the dam wall. He later reappeared on the dam wall to watch the proceedings from a safer distance, before he made a discreet exit into the night leaving the lions to get stuck into their meals. I only felt sorry for who ever is driving the guest who arrived late as there is now an insurmountable level of expectation to follow.
Any one want to come round to Vuyatela for dinner??