Winter is nearly Past!

This was our Proudly South African month!

With all the football or how we call it here ďsoccerĒ it has been a very busy June and July here at Djuma.

Nature was full of surprises everyday, we never knew what to expect. The general game around the camp has just been amazing. From breeding herds of Elephants to single Bull Elephants swimming in the dam to Impala, Wildebeest, Kudu, Giraffe, Nyala, Leopards, Lions, Hyenas, Zebras, Hippos and Waterbuck all just grazing around the camp.

The resident Genet has been visiting us now and then. If you were fortunate enough she would come out and see who she can get a piece of biltong from.

One of Karulaís boys was still visiting us regularly at the lodge. He has been spotted running past the rooms being chased by Grahamís baboons. The guests were blown away because they just checked in and basically that was their first wildlife experience they had and it all happened in front of their room.

We had some real fun with some Bull Elephants that decided the grass/leaves were greener in the camp than out in the bush. They just walked through the electrical fence that it wasnít even there. We were trying to chase them out by making lots of noise but that seem not to work. I borrowed a paintball gun from Graham and that seemed to work for a bit. But the following day they were back just after the guys fixed the fence. The boys saw that the fence was repaired and then decided it is the Moolmanís turn. Broke in there and had a fun evening in there garden because nobody is there. We only realised the following morning they were in the garden. The poor grounds men had to go and repair that fence now. The boys came back but this time decided all the pain they got from the fence was not worth it they just kept feeding around the fence.

Happy Birthday to Pinky, Lucy and Nellys.

Happy Birthday to Eli, Jarret and Susan, great being able to spend your Birthday Celebrations with you at Djuma.

On a sad note here is a letter from that we received in the post:

Caroline Fee, a past Guest of ours at Djuma recently passed away, and it was one of her wishes to have her ashes scattered on the Reserve.

Dear Sir or Madam;
Thank you for allowing the family of Carolyn Fee to carry out her final wishes. Enclosed you will find a small portion of her cremains. Carolyn had wrote in her final wishes that she would like them distributed on the reserve, preferably where they spot giraffes, if this is possible. I am also enclosing a copy of the obituary that appeared on our website.
Our condolences to the family and friends from all of us at Djuma. It is a privilege for us to fulfil Carolynís wish.

From all of us at Vuyatela take care until next month.