I was out with my troop for the early morning forage session.

I got to the troop while they were still curled up in bed, so settled down with my mug of coffee and camera to wait for them to come back from dreamland.
Slowly, slowly there was movement from the spread out group of huddled bodies, their soft morning grunts blending with the dawn chorus as they slowly began to wake up.
Some was taking the delicate route down from the tree top, while Twopac hurled himself at the new day.
Baboon ballet Weeeee
The troop then headed off in the direction of the dam, stopping on the clearing on the way for some bulb digging, while others warmed up in the sun.
Little Boys Big Boy
The troop then headed off to the dam for an early morning drink, after which some of the kids went to forage in a large Jackal Berry. The remainder of the troop had now gathered at the waters edge, to feed, drink and sunbath, with a mellow mood created by their grooming and their satisfied grunts to each other.
Chiken Take Aways Tree Munch
I have decided the bush is like my wife and my baboons as the longer we are together the better it gets…………..