These are the comments of our guests that stayed with us in July 2010.

Tom Castro: “The visit couldn’t have been better! The safari drives with Texon were beyond our expectations. The entire staff did a superb job. We will be back.”

Jacqui Castro: “This is the most amazing place I have ever been to. Most of all the people and their great spirit. The amazing creation of God and the peacefulness of the place. Thank you!!!”

Nick & Tony Brady: “We were amazed by the animals, accommodation and the staff. Thank you for everything, it was truly beautiful.”

Daniel & Heather Myers: “Our stay here has been amazing. Of all our travels, this tops the list. Thank you so much for everything.”

Matt & Greame Skerritt: “Absolutely Amazing!!! The animals were superb, the staff were delightful and the complex is great. Thank you”

Viki & Elliot: “The best and unforgettable part of our trip, the staff is fantastic! We are left with once in a lifetime memorie. Thank you!”

Mark & Chris: “Brilliant – made up for Englands loss”

Chau & Jose: “This was a great trip! Staff was incredibly nice, the rooms were comfortable and the food was good! We will come back.”

Holly & Jimmy Young: “We had a wonderful time. Lots was amazing and Handry was so funny. Great wildlife viewing!!! We love the dog!”

Melanie Jean: “We love Texon & Amos! The drives were excellent and the experiencing Texons driving was great! All staff friendly, rooms are great. Next time we come Texon has said I can drive – I will look forward to it!!!!!”

Shiffman Family: “Vacation of a lifetime. Every family should do this once. Great binding experience. Great Staff.”

MacAdam & Alison Smith: “Awesome! Thanks for making our honeymoon so special!