I have been worried about Nkanyini.

We saw her 5 days ago, on the same morning as the dogs, Nkanyini and the sickly looking male lion from where ever he is from. That morning we spent with her she was calling for her cub almost continuously for as long as we were with her.
We were the last vehicle with and she was showing concern at there being no sign of her babe at our departure.
We returned to check up on her the next morning and after some guess work and luck we managed to relocate her not very far from where we had left her the previous day. The over cast weather being a gloomy testament to there still being no sign of her cub, coupled with the fact that she was still in the immediate vicinity of what must have been, to her, her cubs last where abouts.
At the time of seeing her still in the area and studying the habitat around her for any sign of her little one, left me with an uneasy feeling that something bad may have happened to her cub. She was no longer calling for him, indicating that she had given up hope of him being within earshot of her calls. I am hoping I am wrong but will have to wait until she is seen again for any one to know for sure, but I hope the next time we see her it will be with a happy little boy buy her side.
So far she has not been seen since that day. But as beautiful and kind as the bush can be so can it be a cruel and devastating place to grow up and live in, with no guaranties of any sort. As I say I hope I am wrong…….