Cold, overcast and drizzly weather usually don’t add up to good game viewing, but thankfully this is not the rule…….

The morning started out dry but the light was as dull as the colours of the surrounding landscape. On the bright side we had word of a leopard up a tree with a kill. One of the other guys found a second leopard up a tree en route to the cat with the kill.
It was none other than Karula’s boys. Checking spot patterns to make sure, Kafue, my man was the one who had graduated from guinea fowl, to herbivores and was huddled defensively over his hard earned breakfast. Luangwa, his brother, was chuffing out greetings to his brother, high up from his perch, not receiving any invitation he made his way over to his brother and the kill.
In three bounds he was up, causing the situation to erupt, in a brief, angry explosion, as Kafue held firm giving his, brother a lesson in the art of doing battle up a tree. Nearly loosing his footing Luangwa was banished to a branch, half a bound away from his brother and accomplished killer.
All the while the boys were being watched by experienced eyes of three of the clan of local hyenas, who have in the past stolen many of their mothers kills.
The now infuriated Kafue, spent most of his time hissing, snarling and bearing his now imposing and perfect canines, which did enough to keep his brother anchored to his spot, out of reach of threatening his meat.
Then the rain came, we endured it for a while longer eventually leaving the gang of killers to enjoy their stand. We stopped off at the Styx Pride not to far away, before we headed home to a meal of our own.
The boys are now rivals, with an ever wavering tolerance of their own kind; we can only hope they stick around a little longer in the area so we can continue to learn the ways of this phenomenal cat.