It has been a while since I have posted anything regarding the goings on within my baboon troop.

If memory serves me correctly Tawny had just taken over the troop and had seen off the new comer Darth Vader, which was the first of two fights. Tawny lost the second fight getting badly bitten on his front left wrist.
Darth Vader then assumed rule of the troop.
But this it where it all started to get really interesting….. Within about a week or two a new male had appeared on the scene, Wombat.
Shortly after the Bat pitched yet another male turned up on the scene, I called him Barry.
This took me completely buy surprise and has never even read of something like this happening in another troop.
The politics was astoundingly complex and each of the big boys seemed to pair off with one female each in my troop.
There was more amazement as yet another male pitched up on the scene a short while after all of this, a shy non trusting male who I called Eddy.
To cut a long and complicated story short, with a twist of guess work. This is how I think it panned out as I was not present to witness all the changes and what caused them. But all went fairly smoothly for about a week or so, albeit with an heir of tension in the troop. This is where the guess work comes in….. Wombat I think may have been the ignition source as he was a volatile character; but I think he got into a scrap with Barry, as I did find the Bat alone one day calling for the troop, sporting a new deep gash to his back right thigh. Barry had been bitten badly on the back right foot and had gashes in his inner thighs. Darth Vader who had been keeping a low profile in the troop gradually disappeared from the troop and I have no idea what happened to him as did Tawny. Next to go was Wombat, I never saw him again after that day. The troop ended up with Eddy who was pulling rank over Tankman and now the wounded Barry, assumed top role of the troop. This however did not last long as Barry’s foot healed up incredibly quickly and I am sure was the one to get rid of the smaller Eddy rather abruptly.
This leaves us at the present with Barry in charge, but it looks as though Tankman is having his say about all of this.
To follow what happens with the goings on in the troop I do a write up on them as and when I am with them, just search for The Gowrie Gang on Face book and this will keep you up to date with recent troop politics.
Enjoy and be sure to go and sign this petition about despicable human behavior down in the Cape.
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