It has been a roller coaster of a few months

With Africa buzzing to the world cup, meeting football crazy people from all over the world, to phenomenal goings on in the wilds around Djuma..
Let me begin with the leopards…
Karula has been keeping a low profile since the beginning of April; hopefully she is on the prowl for a new boy friend. That, being said, we have had more than regular sightings of, “The Jordaan Male”, the father of Karula’s first litter.
We have had fairly regular sighting of her two boys, they are not seen moving around together any more and we do seem to see more of the one than the other. Both have still been making use of the local guinea fowl population, but we have seen them taking an interest in bigger prey items. Like impala.
One of her cubs was brave enough to follow Jordaan up one of the drainage lines, from a respectful distance that is and he did not follow for long.
We had some devastating news, of one of the most wonderful female leopards, lost her life in a fight with a male leopard. She will be dearly missed. Her male cub survived the encounter but has yet to be seen….
Mvula, has been seen doing the rounds and has been seen hanging around with Tandi, Karula’s daughter, from her first litter.
Nkanyini has established herself to the east of her mother’s territory and has made a few appearances with her new baby boy. We have not seen much of her mom , Beacon female, and her two new babes. There has also been a new and apparently large male leopard seen up at Milkberry Dam.
The lions have been going crazy with real estate up for grabs. Over the past month and a bit we have seen the appearances of no less than three new prides of lions in the area, having major riplle effects over the entire area. It started with the appearance of a pride of nine lions in the southern areas, found on a buffalo kill the one morning.
Not long after that there was a sighting of another pride moving I from the north, being eleven strong. Even the Kuhuma’s have made an uncommon appearance on the Manyaleti boundary. With this new larger pride in their area, I wonder how much longer we will be seeing anything of the kuhuma pride??.
The small satellite pride of two lioness and one male, have some how managed to cling onto survival and have so far avoided any confrontations with other prides.
The added supply of buffalo herds moving through the area over the last month or so have added to the lions political mayhem.
To top it all off the Mapogo’s rein over the area has come to an abrupt, end. A bloody battle ensued between five prime males, who lost one of their own during the first skirmish. The four males that survived hit back later the same afternoon and managed to kill one of the Magogo’s, banishing the survivor to a life of being a nomadic.
The Kijima males from Manyaleti have still been around and were forced off a buffalo kill by the four Machingilaan male lions and were keeping a respectful distance.
Who knows what is going to happen next. We have had no sightings of the Sandy patch lioness or her cub, I doubt if she is still with us though.
There have been some excellent sightings of breeding herds of elephant, their presence has lured in some impressive bull elephants into the area, one with superb ivory.
There has not been too many days gone buy where our guests have not had the privilege of basking in the presence of a breeding herd of ele’s.
The rhino’s have been a constant prehistoric presence throughout the month. Crashes of six have been encountered on regular bases. A great sight, considering how they appear to be the targets of man kind’s despicable greed again, time for government to play hard ball with these poachers.
We have had fewer cheetah sightings this month which is not surprising due to all the lion activity that has been happening on the area. The hyenas don’t seem to have their den on our area at the moment either; maybe the lions have something to do with this fact as well. There have been sightings but they are few and fleeting unless the lions supply yet another buffalo carcass.
On the more unusual front there have been a few sightings of ostrich up to the far north of the area, something which a lot of guests were truly not expecting. One or two of the guys have even been lucky enough to have had sightings of porcupine which doesn’t happen often around here. To round off a really eventful period there have been a scattering of caracal and serval been seen in the area.
Life can return to normal, after the football and congratulations to Spain for taking the trophy, but to South Africa for pulling it off in great style, leaving the critics with nothing to talk about.
But best of all we are all awaiting the arrival of Warren and Merietjie’s baby boy tomorrow some time, depending on when the stork comes. We at home are all thinking about you guys.