Done by Mandla

The first two weeks was so beautiful in terms of animals around the camp. Different herds of elephant has been drinking and swimming at Gowrie dam, and that forced the Hippos to move out of Gowrie dam to look for another safe pond to keep the new calves. The Gowrie dam is been occupied by one young male hippo which seem to be enjoying himself by basking under the winter sunlight.

The two young male leopards are still showing around the lodge. One evening they went to room: 4 and stole housekeeping towels and torn them into pieces. Pieces of towels were found by guests as they were escorted to their dwelling places.

One night, just before the guests have dinner. We heard the growling very close to the camp, We shined the spotlight but only to find out that It was a limping young male lion which was spoted out on drive that afternoon. Surprisingly it was up on the tree, 30m away from the lodge deck. There were a huge number of hyenas that seem to have recognized the weakness on the young male lion. Guests enjoyed their glasses of wine on the Bema with fire and the thunderous sounds that came from the hyenas that were hungry to eat and lion that was growling at them. The hyenas realized that to wait for a lion to come down, it will be waiting for another unlucky day, they moved and the young male survived.

A huge number of Antelopes i.e. Kudu, Waterbucks, Nyala and etc seems to be enjoying themselves by lying in front of the lodge without any fear. Zebras, wildebeests and buffaloes also found a new home at the lodge.

A troop of Baboons called Gowrie Gangs are also still around, keeping the whole lodge alert in term of danger.