The first time I saw them was a day before it happened.
Their eyes held a softer expression of any sub adult male lion of their age, but the expression those eyes bore the next time we met was very, very different.

Up until that time the area belonged to the gang of thugs known as the Mapogoís. No male lion crosses into anotherís domain without running a serious risk of being detected, discovered and possibly loosing your life. It was not long before two of the Mapogo males had discovered these new young up and coming males on their patch, attacking them instantly and severely mauling one of them, paralyzing him, leading to his death later on the same day. Later that afternoon the now four strong, upstarts must have been aware they had the upper hand and during a counter attack killed one of the Mapogo males, and abruptly bringing their infamous rein to a bloody end.
They had punctured his skull, breaking his zygomatic arch and removing a chunk out of the back of his cranium.
The next time we met their eyes held within an added confidence, as they now knew what they are capable of together. What is interesting is these new boys have begun their rule the same way as the Mapogoís did just over three years ago and that is with the death of one of the old echelon. Where they came from is not important, what genes they carry is. As within in them lies the success or demise of the African Lion. I am sure we will be hearing more from these boys, as will the rest of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve.
Meet the new kings.
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