It was a perfect winter morning, chill in the, dead still air, blankets of mist in the depressions and a crash of rhino up the road.

We got into the sighting the first thing apparent was the amount of dust hanging in the air, creating a feeling of being in another time.
The reason for all the dust soon became evident as appearing out of the grey; brown shroud was a large backside of a young bull rhino, which was being shoved around
by a bull at least two years younger.
It was clear from the start that the younger of the bulls was a high spirited young rhino, and was clearly getting more into this sparring business and was soon making enthusiastic lunges at his larger opponent.
It was undoubtedly a matter of time before the larger of the two behemoths levels of tolerance disintegrated, after being abused by this over enthusiastic sub adult delinquent. It wasnít long before the larger bull had the tables turned, sending the energetic youngster bolting in the other direction, getting dangerously close to loosing his virginity.
The larger bull eventually caught up with the younger bull, trapping him close to a young tree, placing his considerably larger horn into the armpit of the smaller now squealing bull. Luckily for the younger bull this seemed to be a gentle reminder from the older male that he was completely outmatched and could be seriously damaged should the older bull choose to do so.
Once the younger bull had managed to free his leg and he was bolting towards our vehicle did we get a good look at his face which looked to be bloody and battered, but in reality were nothing more than slight grazes. A result which can be expected if you want to go around picking fights with bigger rhinoís than yourself.
One thing is for certain is that if this little guy ever makes it to being a full grown bull rhino; all other bulls better beware not to awaken the sleeping dragon with in him. If he is this bad already at his age he could well be the next terror on the block in the next few years down the line.