Most hippos found living in isolation are usually dethroned males which have been unceremoniously kicked out of the raft and are henceforth understandably grumpy souls.

On our afternoon outing we headed off to go in search of a pride of seven lions left close to Tree House Dam. Having not seen them in the morning we werenít quite sure of their exact location in the vicinity of the dam. We spent some time keeping one lone bull hippo company and were soon joined by a giraffe passing by, and decided to watch the giraffe for any signs of the presence of predators. The giraffe came and went and we spent a bit more time at the dam photographing a hammerkop hunting along the shoreline. We then decide to go and look for leopards. We got a call about an hour later informing us the lions had been located and headed back to the dam.
We got there in perfect time for the gorgeous afternoon light and the lions moved down out of the woodland to lie on the dam wall, much to the hippoís annoyance. The hippo cruised on over to investigate this new nuisance.
Pride Approach
The lions showed no reaction just a few quizzical glances in the direction of the approaching hippo, until the water exploded and a large blob of aggression appeared to be heading up the bank in the lions direction, sending them scurrying over the edge and out of reach of this crazed pachyderm. Only to approach the lip of the bank with great caution, incase they were caught out by this water monster.
Attack What
After one or two big scares for the pride they got the message that they were not welcome to enjoy the afternoon lazing at this particular body of water and decided to move off and begin their night of hunting.
Time to leave
It was a very amusing spectacle for us and a valuable lesson for the sub adult lions of the pride on what can be eaten and what potentially can eat you.
We did begin the next morning drive, with the same pride, devouring a more suitable prey item of a young male buffalo.