One thing for sure about the bush and its experiences on offer, one can live in the wild for your life span, but will never die having seen it all.

On our way back towards camp from a morning drive, we stopped near a sounder of warthogs grazing on the new growth due to the late rains the area has experienced.
I picked up a crunching sound, synchronized with the eating movement coming from one of the hogs. It just didnít fit as eating grass doesnít produce a crunching noise or anything near that. But this hog sounded like it was eating corn chips. I was astounded to see that this hog was eating the shell of a dead tortoise. I knew they will take meat and stomach contents in times of extremes, but if any one ever asked me if a warthog eats tortoises, I would have told them maybe the eggs. But so knock me off the back of a camel this hog was chewing down a tortoise.
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