While writing this he is just sitting and watching me.

A leopard killÖÖ

A kill, or what is he carrying? At our house we are busy watching television. In the back ground we hear in panic frankels calling. In the beginning I am just ignoring it. But moments later Woer-Woer our Jackrussel runs out and starts to bark. I jumped up and saw nothing until seconds later here comes a leopard with a kill. I canít believe my eyes. He goes and lies in the bush with it. When he saw me jumped up and ran into the thickets. I called Marietjie and Jess whom is our neighbor to come and see. We look carefully and see no kill but a towel. A white towel? Where did he get it. Wild Earth I think one of you are missing a towel. Sorry now it belongs to one of Karulaís cubs. As I am writing this he sits and looks at me. Pity I canít take a picture of him. The bush is still very green and a little to lush.